SEEYOUDOC Corp. to boost its telemedicine operations in the country

With the goal of boosting its telemedicine operations in the country, SEEYOUDOC Corp. (SYD) will develop an interactive analytics platform to help medical facilities in the country adopt telemedicine, thereby improving every Filipino’s access to healthcare.

Through the Startup Research Grant Program of the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD), this project with SYD will address the current challenges of telemedicine adoption such as lack of technical capability, lack of internal regulations/policies and absence of metrics to measure the effectiveness of telemedicine in their business and justify its return on investment. 

Aiming to revolutionize Philippine healthcare services and empower the people by making medical information and services readily available to both the average Filipino and the healthcare services community, Mr. Noel and Mrs. Vanessa Del Castillo and their team of developers at tech solutions company, Pragtechnologies, created the SeeYouDoc app with the help of the Marikina Valley Medical Society. 

From SeeYouDoc’s simple beginnings as a map that helps patients find nearby healthcare providers, the platform has evolved into an integrative system that streamlines services such as appointments, e-prescriptions, medical notes, and digital payment for healthcare providers. And now SYD plans to further develop their platform to expand solutions provided to medical facilities using the SYD app.

Now that the country is facing a global pandemic, Mr. Noel Del Castillo states that telemedicine is needed in the country now more than ever, but hospitals--public or private--are not fast enough to adopt it and comply with certain regulations, which is why SYD decided to build an analytics platform that addresses medical facilities’ technological, policy, and financial challenges.

Currently, SYD’s platform for medical facilities, SeeYouDoc MH (SYDMH), helps hospitals and other healthcare providers manage their website, promote their services, and develop their online presence. The project, which will run for 12 months, aims to develop an interactive analytics platform as a separate product for medical facilities. 

This innovation will help medical facilities measure their telemedicine performance by using identified specific metrics. Moreover, the interactive analytics platform will be able to connect with SeeYouDoc’s existing products and quantify the usage of services being conducted by doctors and at the same time gauge the satisfaction rating collected from the patients. With these new features, medical facilities will now have analytics capabilities which will encourage data-driven insights to their telemedicine operations. Hopefully, these metrics can help medical facilities improve on their policies, operations, and technical capabilities for telemedicine adoption.

In addition to assisting medical facilities adopt telemedicine, SYD also targets company growth by attracting at least 122 paying SYDMD users within a year after the project is completed and monitoring adoption rate of implementation sites, initial sale of the product, and overall satisfaction.

SYD is one of the DOST-PCHRD’s pioneering start-up grantees. SeeYouDoc’s freemium healthcare services are available through its website,, and through the SeeYouDoc app, available on GooglePlay for Android phones and the App Store for iOS phones.