ULASIMANG BATO: Anti-Inflammatory drug formulation

Analgesic drug formulation

Technology Generator
National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP),
Institute of Herbal Medicine National Institutes of Health,
University of the Philippines - Manila
Project Leader: Dr. Nelia C. Maramba et al.

The Problem
Gout is the most common type of arthritis among Filipinos. According to the Philippine Rheumatology Association (PRA), around 1.6M Filipinos are suffering from gout. Allopurinol, a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, is the standard treatment for gouty arthritis and it acts by lowering uric acid levels in the blood. However, despite its efficacy, cases of hyperuricemia recurrence among allopurinol-treated patients are still reported.

The Solution
Peperomia pellucida, locally known as “ulasimang-bato” or “pansit-pansitan”, has long been used in Philippine traditional medicine for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperuricemic properties. The proponents have developed a drug formulation from ulasimang-bato extracts that is targeted to cure hyperuricemia and gout. Based on their studies, optimum dosage is recommended initially at 80 mg/kg/day, and then reduced to 40 mg/kg/day after 2 weeks.

Results of their studies have shown that ulasimang-bato extract has significantly reduced serum uric acid levels and that the percent reduction is comparable with the effects induced by allopurinol. Also, recurrence of hyperuricemia has not been recorded among patients receiving Ulasimang-bato doses.

Product Development Stage
The ulasimang-bato drug formulation already has an existing patent for its tablet form. Currently, the product is undergoing clinical trials and is at its pre-commercialization stage (TRL 7). The proponents are currently seeking for pharmaceutical companies who will produce, manufacture and distribute the product.

Cecilia C. Maramba-Lazarte, MD, MScID, MScCT
Director, Institute of Herbal Medicine
National Institutes of Health, UP Manila
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