WHO SVT vs. Independent trials

Updates on COVID-19 Vaccines


Independent trials

The Philippines as approved by the IATF Resolution No. 47 will participate in the WHO Solidarity Vaccine Trials as part of the country's global commitments to collective and inclusive efforts on COVID-19 vaccine development.

Other vaccine developers can conduct independent clinical trials in the Philippines provided that they will be able to fund their own trials and have their application registered and approved by the FDA.

Implemented by the World Health Organization, funded by the Philippine government

Implemented and funded by independent private companies and their respective CROs

Evaluates safety and efficacy of “several  preventive candidate SARS-CoV-2 vaccines” under development

Evaluates safety and efficacy of one candidate vaccine for each independent private company

Adaptive, rapid, community-based trials

Hospital/Trials site-based recruitment

Large, international, multi-site,

individually randomized controlled clinical trial

Study design varies for every independent private company

WHO SVT shall be prioritized in the assignment of Trial Zones, as stated in the Zoning Guidelines approved by the IATF

Separate trial zones will be assigned to independent trials, such that they are equally and rationally distributed to avoid competition in subject recruitment.

An independent Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) will be formed by TG on Evaluation and Selection to monitor safety of vaccine candidates under WHO SVT while the study is ongoing.

The sponsor or local CRO will monitor the progress of clinical trials. However, they are required to submit a monthly study progress report to the FDA.

The WHO SVT team will oversee the recruitment, in partnership with local government units in designated trial sites.

Recruitment will be done through the local CROs which should follow the IATF-approved zoning guidelines