Safety and Efficacy of Vaccine in CT

Updates on COVID-19 Vaccines

1. How safe are the vaccines?

2. What will be our basis for selecting the vaccines?

3. How will the volunteers be monitored? How long will they be monitored?

4. How important is the conduct of clinical trials involving Filipinos in order to better ensure the efficacy and safety of candidate vaccines before they are administered in the country?

5. Will COVID-19 Vaccines provide long-term protection?

6. What safety monitoring mechanisms are in place for vaccines under an EUA?

7. How reliable and credible are the pharmaceutical companies behind the available and candidate vaccines? What are their other products in the market?

8. How much of the population is needed for clinical trials to deem the vaccines being tested as "safe"? 

9. How can people be assured that the vaccines' effectiveness is greater than the risks or possible long-term effects, especially when they know that clinical trials and evaluations were done as quickly as possible?

10. In case of adverse events, how fast can we know the results if the effects are related to the vaccine? How will safety monitoring be conducted for independent trials?