YERBA BUENA: Analgesic drug formulation

Analgesic drug formulation

Technology Generator
National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP),
Institute of Herbal Medicine National Institutes of Health,
University of the Philippines - Manila
Project Leader: Dr. Nelia C. Maramba et al.

The Problem
Effective control of post-operative pain is an integral part of patient management. Poor post-operative pain control often leads to complications, increased risk of blood clots, prolonged patient recovery, and increased cost of health care expenses. There is a need for efficacious and safe analgesics or pain relievers to successfully manage post-operative pain.

The Solution
Mentha cordifolia Opiz; commonly known as yerba buena, mint, or spearmint; has been traditionally used in the Philippines as cure for headache, toothache, arthritis, and dysmenorrhea. The proponents have successfully formulated an analgesic drug from yerba buena extracts. Yerba buena leaves contain a compound called Menthalactone which has been shown to have analgesic or pain-relieving activity. Results of clinical trials prove that Menthalactone is safe and effective in relieving moderate to severe post-operative pain after circumcision, dental extractions, and childbirth (post- episiorrhaphy). The drug has been recorded to take effect within 30 minutes after administration.

Product Development Stage
Yerba buena tablet (analgesic drug) is ready for adoption and commercialization (TRL 9). The proponents are currently seeking for pharmaceutical companies who will produce, manufacture and distribute the product.

Cecilia C. Maramba-Lazarte, MD, MScID, MScCT
Director, Institute of Herbal Medicine
National Institutes of Health, UP Manila
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