Axis Knee System: Confidence in Every Step

Axis Knee System
Confidence in every step

Technology Generator
Orthopaedic International Inc.
Project Lead: Dr. Ramon Gustilo

The Problem
An estimated 3-5% of the world’s population would require total knee replacement (TKR) every year. In the Philippines, very few are availing of it because it is not affordable. Only around 1,000 cases are done every year, when it should have been approximately 70,000. There are only few surgeons who are trained to do TKR, because the procedure is complex and would require specialist training which could last for at least a year.

The Solution
The Axis Knee System is a total knee replacement system that is designed for a wide range of sizes. This world-class, FDA-approved product was conceptualized and developed by Filipino doctors and engineers, together with some consultants from Japan, China, and US, and is being manufactured locally in Orthopaedic International Inc.’s ISO 13485-certified plant in Cabuyao, Laguna. Its patented instrumentation and surgical technique allows even the general orthopaedic surgeon to perform the procedure accurately without the use of x-ray, after completing a training workshop that only lasts for five days. It is very affordable, as it costs 50% less than other knee implants in the market.

Product Development Stage
The product is already being sold in the Philippines since 2015. Patents for its instrumentation and surgical techniques were already granted in the US and EU. It is now open for international licensing.

Mr. Jude Sasing
President, Orthopaedic International Inc.
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