Axis Knee System promises more quality time spent with loved ones

Working as a checker in a film theater for 20 years, Nanay Lourdes Tadeo spent most of her work days setting up film reels, using heavy equipment and walking around the theater. Two decades later, the physical demands of the work had taken a toll on the health of the 70-year-old Nanay Lourdes. She developed degenerative osteoarthritis which greatly interfere with her daily activities and recreation. The burden of osteoarthritis has not only affected her physical activities but also her relationship with loved ones.
As of the moment, there is no treatment to reverse the effects of osteoarthritis. These days even pain-killers do not work as they used to in the case of Nanay Lourdes. As much as she wants to spend time and bond with her grandchildren, it is impossible because even walking becomes a struggle. With a cane to support her aching knees, Nanay Lourdes visited a joint surgeon who recommended her to undergo a total knee replacement procedure using the Axis Knee System.
In the Philippines, on top of the surgery expenses and post-surgery therapy required for recovery, knee replacement implants come at a hefty price from ₱100,000 to ₱120,000. According to Dr. Ilustre Guloy, Jr., orthopaedic surgeon at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, the implant cost is the biggest burden to patients which oftentimes becomes the reason to postpone or decline the surgery.
Thanks to Dr. Ramon Gustillo, along with other Filipino scientists, who created the Axis Knee Total Knee Replacement System, people with bad knees like Nanay Lourdes can now get knee surgery at an affordable price of Php60,000 to Php70,000. Aside from the lower cost, it also guarantees faster recovery period since the device is tailor-fit for the Asian knee size. With this available alternative, Nanay Lourdes looked forward to gaining her life back. “Sa operasyon na gagawin nyo sa akin, magagamot na ang tuhod ko at makakalakad na ako ng maayos.” she told Dr. Guloy during her pre-surgery consultation.
Nanay Lourdes’ operation was successful with the help of Dr. Guloy, Dr. Carlo Belen, and Dr. Sam Grozman, who performed the surgery at the Ospital ng Muntinlupa.  A day after the operation, Nanay Lourdes started physical therapy to speed up the recovery of her knees. She shared she wanted to go strolling at the mall once her knee is healed. “Matutuwa sila, syempre ipapasyal ko sila... ngayon masasabayan ko na sila ng paglalakad,” she said referring to her three grandchildren whom she would usually trail behind when strolling. Finally, with Axis Knee, Nanay Lourdes can spend quality time, pain-free, with her apos.