5th Healthcare and Social Media Summit tackled innovative leadership

A researcher is a born leader,” says Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) Executive Director Jaime Montoya in his message delivered by the Research Information, Communication and Utilization Division (RICUD) chief Merlita Opeña in the 5th installment of the annual Healthcare and Social Media Summit held at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City last 13 July 2019.

In line with the theme: “Innovative Leadership in Health through Social Media,” Dr. Montoya recognized that even before the advent of social media, researchers have been collaborating here and with international counterparts. Transcending national borders, a researcher’s leadership role goes beyond his/her research project.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Jojo Fresnedi of Except One, also reiterated the role of researchers as leaders who know how to utilize the resources available to them. “Leadership is mobilizing people for a common cause to make a positive difference. Every leader should master the medium of his era, and the medium of this era is the social media,” Mr. Fresnedi said.

This year’s event featured parallel sessions on the role of patients as leaders in shaping healthcare in social media, institutional leadership and its advancement through social media, and the role of social media as a storyteller.